Cost Savings, Employee Retention, and More.

Companies face a myriad of challenges today, from customer and employee retention, to competitive pressure for revenue growth with little to no additional resources. Entering into the scene: human-like, responsive virtual agents with unlimited capacity and contact center automation with real-time observability to provide quality conversational care at scale.

Gridspace's potential impact cannot be overstated. Elevating customer experience while simultaneously increasing margins is critical to the bottom line for many companies.

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About the Forrester TEI Study on Gridspace:

As part of this Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study, Forrester identified four key benefits that illustrate the impact of implementing Gridspace:

  • $1.5m in labor savings from reduced training
  • $3.1m in labor savings from reduction in average handling time 
  • $1.9m in labor savings from reduction in follow-up calls
  • Increased employee satisfaction, reduced turnover and shortened cycle times to improve CSAT scores

The financial bottom line: Forrester's study reveals that companies using Gridspace can enjoy ROI of 253% and net savings of $4.78 million* over 3 years and payback in less than 6 months.

*Net Present Value of projected savings or gains expected over three years.