Satisfied customers? Financial
services need to go further

Here’s what keeps clients loyal in the long term

Satisfied customers? Financial
services need to go further

A report by Forrester consultants confirms what Gridspace has known all along: Many companies are getting their customer experience (CX) journey wrong if the target is a customer who feels their requirements have been met.

Joana de Quintanilha is the Principal Analyst at Forrester who has made a study of emotions produced within the customer journey. She explains why a pleasant customer experience may smooth the road but it shouldn’t be the destination if your business is looking to build loyal, repeat customers. “Contrary to popular belief,” the report says, “making customers feel content, happy or delighted impacts loyalty less than making customers feel respected, understood, valued or confident. Satisfaction does not necessarily drive loyalty.”

This applies to all sectors, but will resonate in particular with providers of financial services, where customer confidence in the security of their finances and pensions is paramount. Every time a customer makes contact with the company taking care of their finances, they don’t just need to feel satisfied their issue has been addressed—they need to feel confident they’ve placed their financial security in the right hands.

Gridspace is the world’s most trusted contact center automation platform. We create conversational care for customers, providing a suite of superior artificial intelligence (AI) machine talent for specific business use cases. The Gridspace pedigree is second to none, formed as a collaboration between SRI Speech Labs, the force behind Siri, and a multidisciplinary team of designers and engineers. The company is based in Los Angeles and San Francisco and is backed by leading financial institutions and deep-tech investors. We’ve also been recognized by Gartner, Harvard Business Review, the Neural Information Processing Systems Foundation (NIPS) and Forbes. The organizations that partner with us take confidence from these credentials.

They also have trust in what we offer, including:

  • HITRUST-certified security and compliance
  • Confidential handling and processing of customer information
  • Virtual agents leveraging over one billion minutes of audio per year
  • Live, full-feature dashboards that can identify a customer’s intent and qualifications in real time
  • Controlled access for agents, managers and developers with granular permissions.

Financial services partners rely on Gridpsace’s safe, efficient handling of use cases like:

  • Account management
  • Compliance forms
  • Personalized advisory
  • Authentications

We’re confident that when you book a demonstration you’ll see how Gridspace offers far more than just satisfied customers.



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