Don’t just listen to us.
Listen to Grace

How effective empathy statements enhance
customer service and elevate your business

Don’t just listen to us.
Listen to Grace

Fact. Businesses spend billions every year handling calls from their customers.

Fact two. Besides being expensive for your company, too many of these calls result in unnecessary frustration and annoyance for your customers. Put yourself in their place. Long wait on hold? Laborious identification procedures? Connected to someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about? Passed on to another agent? Grilled on name, address, social? Again.

Things got worse during the height of the pandemic—and haven’t got a whole lot better since. We understand. There just aren’t enough agents to handle it all, especially those days when everyone’s calling at the same time. Like when there’s an emergency. Or Cyber Monday. And those are the times when you really need to be there for your customers.

At Gridspace, we create leading-edge software that can handle vast numbers of calls, dealing with customer issues at super-fast speeds. We process billions of audio messages for contact centers, trading desks and broadcasters, bringing contact center automation to some of the largest businesses in the world. We’re proud to be backed by household names including Bloomberg and USAA.

The bottom line? We deliver fast response times leading to natural conversations about the problems people really want to solve. The payoff? Positive experiences for your customers, promoting brand loyalty and driving repeat custom.

We can get you there.

But don’t just take our word for it. Meet Gridspace Grace, the state-of-the-art virtual agent taking our understanding of automated speech to the next level.

With Grace, your company can interact with multi-turn customers in a natural, friendly and empathetic way, solving problems in real time at high speed.

The team behind Gridspace Grace has worked on top profile projects, including the launch of Siri and NASA missions. Together, we’ve built a world center of excellence developing software that can handle over 50,000 concurrent conversations per deployment—while being 100% cloud and telephony system agnostic. Deep neural networks build an integrated experience that’s fast, smart and humanistic. Detailed agent metrics, customer demand signals and call analytics lead your business to clear next steps.

It took us seven years to create the game-changing infrastructure powering Gridspace Grace.

It may take her a few seconds to convince you.

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