Putting the quality back
into contact center QA

Improve operations and customer experience
with a modern, automated QA system.

Putting the quality back
into contact center QA

Quality assurance (QA) isn’t new, but it is integral to ensuring the performance and compliance of contact center agents. Unfortunately, QA tools and processes haven’t changed much since the introduction of contact centers, even as the role they play in servicing customers has increased and the customer experience has become a key driver to growth and profitability. In fact, 74% of customers are either somewhat or very likely to buy from a company based solely on their experience, regardless of product or price.1

Evolving QA to align with today’s contact center

Traditionally, QA has been pretty straightforward.
  • Call sampling enabled managers to review a small subset of customer/agent interactions (1–3%) at a point in time to determine areas for improvement and agent coaching opportunities.
  • Manual processes required significant time and resources; they didn’t take advantage of efficiencies that would allow more calls to be sampled and more agents to receive the coaching needed to improve performance.
  • Subjective evaluations relied on individual managers to determine the quality of an agent’s interaction, resulting in variations in expectations for agent performance and a lack of consistency in how agents are coached.
  • Metrics and benchmarks were driven by unclear standards rather than data into what results in a positive customer experience and strong agent performance.
  • Score-driven data was the start and end of call sampling and agent evaluation, with no ability to glean actionable insights to inform next steps.
But, contact center operations have evolved over time; today they can be more complex and demanding than ever. Not only have customer service expectations increased, with 78% of customers saying that the pandemic should be a catalyst for business improvement, but the very way contact center agents interact with customers has changed.2 While the pandemic required an immediate shift in how contact centers operated, it is expected to have long-term ramifications, with contact center leaders anticipating a hybrid work environment moving forward. The rise of remote agents, anticipated to make up 47% of contact center agents, creates new challenges when addressing the need for QA and performance improvement.3 Yesterday’s approach to contact center QA just isn’t fit for today’s dynamic environment. Today’s modern call center needs the ability to:
  • Analyze 100% of calls.
  • Analyze calls in real time to improve customer interactions.
  • Identify areas for individual agent performance improvement.
  • Identify trends impacting agent performance.
  • Provide targeted agent feedback and coaching.
  • Leverage data to recognize inefficiencies and improve metrics.
  • Replicate best practices, rapidly, across all agents.

Modern contact center QA is instant, intelligent and integrated

Gridspace Scorecard is an automatic QA solution that enables contact centers to instantly score customer calls on hundreds of performance dimensions and learns from new QA evaluations. With Gridspace, you can:
  • Instantly score every agent and site and bring together all your call metrics and quality checks into a single real-time dashboard.
  • Provide data-driven coaching and engage teams by measuring and recognizing exceptional service.
  • Maximize your rate of improvement with a scorecard that learns from both your QA teams and highest-performing agents, enabling your contact center to live up to its full potential.
Discover how Gridspace Scorecard accelerates performance improvement and eliminates efficiencies to add valuable automation to your contact center QA processes.



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