There’s no time to waste when
it comes to customer care

Hearing is believing. Speak with Gridspace Grace – find out for yourself.

There’s no time to waste when
it comes to customer care

Waiting on hold to speak with a service agent just doesn’t cut it these days.

Speed and convenience matter to customers more than ever. And by “speed,” we’re talking five minutes max for a reply online, or for an agent to pick up a call and initiate the response.

That’s certainly the view taken in a recent article published by Forbes. Analysts predicting the top customer experience trends at the start of this year headlined the five-minutes-or-less expectation, adding, “Even micro-moments of instant gratification improve the customer experience by proactively answering questions and offering fast service and value.”

Relying on human agents alone to service this level of customer expectation would be a tall order at any time. Combine it with the political and economic turmoil now playing out globally that increases demands on many centers, and it’s no wonder that Forbes put digital solutions front and center.

“Nearly everything about how we live, work and shop is different than it was two years ago. Digital is no longer an option, it’s critical to any business’ survival, no matter the size, or if you are B2C, B2B or B2B2C. You’re now all just B2H,” the Forbes article noted.

At Gridspace, we know that business-to-human (B2H) contact centers capable of delivering fast, secure client interactions are reaping rewards. And nowhere is this more evident than in high-stakes, time-sensitive sectors such as finance and healthcare. Deploying virtual agents that leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to its fullest extent drives successful outcomes.

An example? Prior authorizations for healthcare procedures. This costly, time- and resource-intensive burden takes staff away from patient care, while patients themselves wait longer to obtain approval for their appointments.

AI automation offers a fast, more cost-effective solution. Gridspace Grace, the industry-leading virtual agent, provides insurers with all the information required to process authorizations quickly and efficiently. Patients can rest assured that their sensitive medical data is being protected by a company operating to gold-standard HITRUST certification standards, while stressful wait times for their procedures are reduced.

Financial service providers and their clients also benefit from the speed and efficiency of automated voice tasks. Use cases include caller authentications, account management, compliance forms and personalized advisory calls.

Discover for yourself how Gridspace Grace is transforming customer experiences for our partner organizations, with natural, empathetic conversations at speeds you’ll find hard to believe.

Enter your phone number on the front page of our website and customize a self-service trial, no appointment necessary.

As far as your customers are concerned, there’s no time to waste.




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