Explore ways to build a better customer experience with conversational AI

Explore ways
to build a
better customer
conversational AI

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Accelerate service for
policyholders and alleviate
the need for in-person
trained staff

Recent research shows that consumers’ insurance priorities evolved during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to consumers growing increasingly concerned about their financial security, their expectations of insurance packages changed as they sought out new types of products and offerings. The days of one-size-fits-all policies are gone; in its place is interest in policies that are… Read More
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Accelerate the customer
credit card application
process and improve the
customer experience

For credit card issuers, time is money. Lengthy, time-consuming application processes can discourage consumers from successfully completing applications, and that has a direct impact on the bottom line by driving up acquisition costs—which already average $200 per customer. The competition for credit card customers is intense, and issuers are investing more than ever to acquire… Read more
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There’s no time to waste when
it comes to customer care

Waiting on hold to speak with a service agent just doesn’t cut it these days. Speed and convenience matter to customers more than ever. And by “speed,” we’re talking five minutes max for a reply online, or for an agent to pick up a call and initiate the response. That’s certainly the view taken in… Read more
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Credit card issuance

The competition for credit card customers is intense and issuers are investing more than ever to acquire customers. This year, the largest issuers anticipate increasing their marketing spend close to 35% as they seek to attract new customers.¹ With an average cost of around $200 to acquire a credit card consumer, and many more times… Read More
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Credit card fraud happens…
don’t let it result in unhappy –
or lost – customers

It’s a consumer’s worst nightmare—credit card fraud. And as cashless transactions become more common and e-commerce sales grow, it’s more prevalent than ever. In fact, 2020 saw a 44% rise in credit card fraud over the previous year, according to the Federal Trade Commission. Due in part to the global pandemic, as well as changing… Read more
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KYC/AML checks

Know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) processes are designed to ensure that customers are who they say they are and prevent criminals from depositing or transferring funds that result from illicit activity. This critical function helps banks evaluate customer risk and avoid compliance mistakes. Failure to comply with AML regulations can have significant… Read more
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We can help when nurse
numbers don’t add up

As healthcare services continue to labor under the strain of nursing shortages, providers are telling us they’re looking for new ways to lighten the load on remaining staff. A perfect storm of COVID, combined with already existing stress points, means staffing levels are set to remain at the top of the agenda for hospitals and… Read more
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Your New Year’s resolution?
More customer resolutions!

It may be a new year but the turbulent times roiling contact centers aren’t going away anytime soon. Healthcare, utilities, insurance providers and others are still handling fallout from 2021’s unprecedented number of weather and climate-related disasters. And, as we get our heads around the fact that this really is our third year of a… Read more
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The most magical technology
you’ve ever heard

How do you create the best conversational virtual agent on the market? The answer may surprise you. It’s the attention to details. Gridspace CEO and co-founder Evan Macmillan has been an entrepreneur most of his life. But before first grade, he was a software tester. “One of my earliest activities at home was testing QA… Read more
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It’s not where you start,
it’s where you finish

Conversations are the nuts and bolts of human communication. Yet we’re still exploring precisely how they work and how to gain maximum value from them. Conversation analysis straddles the academic disciplines of sociology, psychology and linguistics, with research continuing to yield insights into the patterns and infrastructure of human dialogue. Since Gridspace artificial intelligence (AI)… Read more
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Three golden rules
for a robust crisis management strategy

Shedding light on dark data is key to staying ahead. Are you ready for when your business hits the next bump in the road? Unavoidable problems, peak time surges and annual promotions all put pressure on your call center agents, costing time and money and often hitting customer trust. We work with some of the… Read more
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We’re already on board

with shorter holding times

Long wait times to get through to some airline call centers is fueling frustration for travelers eager to take advantage of relaxations in COVID travel restrictions, according to a report in The New York Times. When Southwest Airlines canceled around 2,000 flights over one weekend recently, travel writer Heather Murphy spotted customer angst seemed to… Read more
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Don’t just listen to us.
Listen to Grace

Fact. Businesses spend billions every year handling calls from their customers. Fact two. Besides being expensive for your company, too many of these calls result in unnecessary frustration and annoyance for your customers. Put yourself in their place. Long wait on hold? Laborious identification procedures? Connected to someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about?… Read more
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Empathy in the age of
customer experience

Empathy probably isn’t something that most people associate with business success. Customer loyalty. Competitive differentiation. Revenue growth. These are core business strategies with benefits companies readily understand. But empathy is key to a positive customer experience. Today’s consumers have indicated that they will pay a 16% premium for a great customer experience.1 Additionally, 85% of… Read more
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Transforming the
contact center to meet the
challenges of an omnichannel
customer experience

The days of a single consumer channel are long gone. Today, the customer journey is defined by an omnichannel shopping experience that allows consumers to choose when, how, and how often they interact with companies. But an omnichannel experience isn’t just about creating a more convenient shopping experience by meeting customers where they are—it’s also… Read more
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Common questions when
automating and scaling
customer support

Virtual agents are changing the customer experience. As advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) technologies enable virtual agents to perform transactions that were once only addressable by a team of live customer service agents, financial services, healthcare and other industries are realizing the dramatic impact virtual agents can have on contact center operations and customer interactions…. Read more
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Put me in, coach!

The escalating use of digital channels, coupled with consumer behavior shift resulting from the pandemic, have put new stressors on contact center agents and challenged them to provide a positive customer experience. With contact center turnover already between 30–45%,1 it’s no wonder that 75% of agents say managing case volume has become more challenging during… Read more
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Putting the quality back
into contact center QA

Quality assurance (QA) isn’t new, but it is integral to ensuring the performance and compliance of contact center agents. Unfortunately, QA tools and processes haven’t changed much since the introduction of contact centers, even as the role they play in servicing customers has increased and the customer experience has become a key driver to growth… Read more