Explore ways to build a better customer experience with conversational AI

Explore ways
to build a
better customer
conversational AI

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Accelerate service for
policyholders and alleviate
the need for in-person
trained staff

Recent research shows that consumers’ insurance priorities evolved during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to consumers growing increasingly concerned about their financial security, their expectations of insurance packages changed as they sought out new types of products and offerings. The days of one-size-fits-all policies are gone; in its place is interest in policies that are… Read More
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Accelerate the customer
credit card application
process and improve the
customer experience

For credit card issuers, time is money. Lengthy, time-consuming application processes can discourage consumers from successfully completing applications, and that has a direct impact on the bottom line by driving up acquisition costs—which already average $200 per customer. The competition for credit card customers is intense, and issuers are investing more than ever to acquire… Read more
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There’s no time to waste when
it comes to customer care

Waiting on hold to speak with a service agent just doesn’t cut it these days. Speed and convenience matter to customers more than ever. And by “speed,” we’re talking five minutes max for a reply online, or for an agent to pick up a call and initiate the response. That’s certainly the view taken in… Read more
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Credit card issuance

The competition for credit card customers is intense and issuers are investing more than ever to acquire customers. This year, the largest issuers anticipate increasing their marketing spend close to 35% as they seek to attract new customers.¹ With an average cost of around $200 to acquire a credit card consumer, and many more times… Read More
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Credit card fraud happens…
don’t let it result in unhappy –
or lost – customers

It’s a consumer’s worst nightmare—credit card fraud. And as cashless transactions become more common and e-commerce sales grow, it’s more prevalent than ever. In fact, 2020 saw a 44% rise in credit card fraud over the previous year, according to the Federal Trade Commission. Due in part to the global pandemic, as well as changing… Read more
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KYC/AML checks

Know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) processes are designed to ensure that customers are who they say they are and prevent criminals from depositing or transferring funds that result from illicit activity. This critical function helps banks evaluate customer risk and avoid compliance mistakes. Failure to comply with AML regulations can have significant… Read more
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Close the care gap, free up
valuable trained staff and capture
additional service revenue

Preventative health care, such as regularly scheduled immunizations and screenings, can dramatically improve patient health and outcomes. But proactively engaging with patients to ensure they can access and take advantage of preventative and ongoing care can be challenging, and even getting patients to schedule follow-ups and treatment for chronic conditions isn’t as easy or effective… Read More
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Improve the patient experience
and care with consistent, timely
post-visit discharge follow-up

When patients don’t understand discharge instructions, care and outcomes can suffer. Ignoring potentially concerning symptoms, failing to take prescribed medication or missing follow-up visits are all avoidable when providers can follow up with patients to ensure they’re not only adhering to discharge instructions, but following them correctly. According to one study, at least 78% of… Read more
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Prior authorizations

Prior authorization (PA) for treatments, screenings, tests and prescriptions have increased, and so have the administrative burdens PA places on physicians. In fact, prior authorization is the most costly, time-consuming administrative transaction for providers.¹ According to the American Medical Association (AMA), physicians and their staff spend almost two full business days each week (13 hours)… Read More
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Physician referrals are integral to improving care managing patient outcomes through diagnostics, such as imaging and testing, and specialized treatment. One in three patients is referred to a specialist every year; referrals make up half of all outpatient visits.1 But, providing a patient with a referral doesn’t mean that they actually schedule an appointment to… Read More
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Gaps in care outreach

The move to value-based care and an emphasis on improved patient experience has fundamentally changed how providers approach care management. At the same time, it’s also reinforced the need to close care gaps and engage patients in ongoing treatment and preventive services. In the last year alone, four in 10 U.S. adults reported avoiding care… Read more
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Post-visit discharge follow-up checks

Post-discharge follow-up care can be critical to driving positive healthcare outcomes. In addition to helping to identify potential complications earlier—and therefore improving the potential to mitigate any issues that can impact recovery—follow-up checks offer opportunities to confirm medication use, schedule follow-up appointments and communicate pending test results. Timely and consistent follow-up checks across service lines… Read more
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Staffing, scalability
and call volume

If you’re an organization running any kind of contact center, all calls count. But, if your business is healthcare, some calls really count. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is a great example. An upgrade scheduled for this summer will see it upgraded to a new universal three-digit number, 988. The rebooted service will connect callers… Read more
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Satisfied customers? Financial
services need to go further

A report by Forrester consultants confirms what Gridspace has known all along: Many companies are getting their customer experience (CX) journey wrong if the target is a customer who feels their requirements have been met. Joana de Quintanilha is the Principal Analyst at Forrester who has made a study of emotions produced within the customer… Read more
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Offices are opening up, but more
of us are homeward bound

The French already have a word for it. “La rentrée”—the return—marks the day in September when children head back to school and employees to the workplace after their traditionally long summer vacation. It signals a resumption of normalcy. Our own post-pandemic return has now officially started, led by the big tech companies. Microsoft, Apple and… Read more
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When your agents
leave everybody hanging

What’s your strategy for retaining staff? It’s a fair question, given that 71% of customer service agents have considered leaving their job in the past six months. That figure, coming from recent research published in a new Salesforce survey, will make unsettling reading for businesses hoping that staffing challenges were largely fueled by COVID and… Read more
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Who wants to talk
with a bad IVR?

We don’t think it would be going out on a limb to say that customers think interactive voice responses (IVRs) need a reboot. In fact, a recent survey reported more than half of customers said exactly that when questioned about their experiences with automated services across a range of organizations. One bad experience can go… Read more
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Taxing times call
for innovative solutions

A “perfect storm” of challenges facing the IRS is overwhelming switchboards and causing delays for those claiming annual tax refunds. As staff brace themselves for the new filing season to open next Monday (January 24), taxpayers are being warned by the US Treasury to anticipate delays in processing and returns—and to be prepared for longer-than-usual… Read more